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Well Durst ended earlier today in a guilty verdict. I was sure hoping the jurors weren't going to like the prosecutor Lewin, because I definitely didn't.

I had Botox yesterday. I still have some neck soreness! Otherwise I'm OK. Botox is painful though.

Some guy came up and knocked on my door. I was asleep. He said I have your DoorDash. I was like but I didn't order DoorDash. I did earlier like around 3:30, but a lady delivered it. It was a Safeway order, and she had to keep calling me because they were out of a couple things I wanted. I didn't take it. I think it was someone else in the complex's.

My Miniflux instance is really, really broken right now. I suppose the problem is too many items. Last weekend was realy bad, or I would've spent the whole weekend taking care of feeds.

Well the defence closing arguments in Durst took a little bit of Thursday and most of today. They were long but worth it.

This captures all my thoughts. I could say the world changed for the worse yesterday, and it definitely did, but he says it a whole lot better than I could.

The quality isn't so great on this, and it isn't 100% complete, but here it is.

I'm about to undertake a tradition I've had for about 4-5 years now. Every year I watch the full 9/11 commemoration ceremony. Originally I was just curious to see what they were like, but now it has become a tradition.

I had my housing authority inspection about an hour ago. Everything was fine. I passed. They come with Centry21. I told him what happened with My ISp. When they installed my fiber, they cut the cable line. Spectrum had to run a new one last weekend.

Well that was probably one of the more challenging things I've done recently. I was taking session notes for my caregiver while having to listen to everyone who joined and left the meeting every 2-3 seconds. It was a big meeting there were a lot of people. Not only that, but my headset decided to act stupid and loos audio in the middle, I had to unplug it and plug my external audio device back in.

Unfortunately today I have to attend a virtual training session for our state's electronic visit verification system. That's the system that makes sure caregivers are there on time and leaving on time, and you're not saying something else. It's ridiculous and I don't support this kind of thing at all!!

Lol Spectrum just called to tell me that the installer is running behind. Yeah... it's already 3:40!! They were supposed to be here between 3 and 4, and usually they get here on time.

I have a spectrum installer coming today. After what happened last week, and now my ISP wanting to charge me $203 I think I'll switch back to what I had before.

OK, here's my first attempt at posting questions here.

I'm not sure if being slightly under the influence makes Judge Windham's jury instructions hilarious, or if it's the fact that he reads instructions like a grandpa telling stories to his grandson.

I've been waiting for this for months!!! Judge Windham is reading jury instructions in the Durst case. He doesn't sound like he's reading jury instructions, I think he has them memorized.

I highly recommend this newsletter! Unfortunately it's only monthly!! However the archives go back to 2004 or so. Here's the current one.

I went over to my parent's house on Sunday. We ordered Chinese food, and they gave me zucchini bread. they gave me a lot of the chinese leftovers. I don't think mom and dad like the same chinese restaurant I like.

My internet randomly died on Thursday. The fiber line broke. this is the second time I've had problems in 3 months. I'm gettin a backup connection. thankfully I qualify for emergency broadband benefits, so it will cover it all for a while.

Wow why didn't i delete Facebook 3 years ago? Someone pinch me!! I can't do anything on there anymore.

Well today's my birthday. I have no idea if I'm doing anything today. Usually my family either takes me out to dinner, or I go over there for dinner. This might not happen until this weeknd, though.

I first came across this case in 2020 when we were all on lockdown. This is the case that made me play this after questionable or disagreed cases.

Someone please make an extension for Chrome and Firefox that only blocks embedded tweets, without adding custom filters to uBlock origin. I was fine until I had to hit the apply changes button. I couldn't find it anywhere, needless to say, it wasn't labeled. Oddly enough, my filters block everything from Facebook, I think.

Twitter embedded tweets are the armpit of the internet. People should stop using them for actual news articles. If you want to embed your latest tweet somewhere, fine. If you're doing research for a blog post, and come across a cool tweet, and you want to use it that's fine too. I just tested like 3 options for blocking them. None worked until I installed Ghostery. I'm now running that on top of uBlock Origin.

I sent someone on a mailing list a link to the motherload of live and past legal cases. If anyone wants to follow along, here ya go. They also have 2 others.

I was on my way to church this morning, coffee in hand. I borrowed a cup from a friend after my sleep study last week. I was bringing it back to him. I was thinking OK I better not spill this or I'll have coffee all over me. Well I got down my 3 flights OK. I however fell down the first step down to the street after the stairs, and twisted my ankle. Since I could barely walk and had an extremly hard time climbing the stairs at that point, no church for me.

At one point, Judge and Durst's defence attorney got into a bit of a thing. No not really an argument. It kind of involved Lewin, the prosecutor. he was objecting, and the defence lawyer wasn't sure if defendant/witness answered his question. Lawyer said I try to pause after I ask a question. Durst is extremely hard of hearing so has to use a transcript. He was telling his client to watch him when he pauses. defendant said, "I'll just look at Lewin." Lol that was hilarious!! Everyone laughed, including Lewin.

Watching testimony in this case.

Well I could've applied for a public credential at Julian 's preliminary appeal hearing tonight, that's if I didn't sleep through most of yesterday. Unfortunately I did, so my application would be untimely. I'll definitely do this next time. Although I can't attend in person.

I had a sleep study last night. I definitely felt like I didn't sleep all that well. I actually felt like I didn't sleep at all. Either I was able to trick the EEG into thinking I was sleeping, or I actually was.

Closing ceremonies are tonight. The worst thing about that is it's the end!! I guess the good thing about that, is thus ends my Twitter blackout.

Well, the kids at church went to camp last week. Apparently the teachers caught the Covid, either that or they're just exhausted from rounding up all the kids. Therefore, we aren't having church today.

Well, it definitely wasn't in my plan to spend 6 days without my fiber internet. I finally got it back today, yay!!! This is a 0G parabolic flight for disabled people. I've always wanted to go on one. I'm going to apply and pray I'm accepted. However, I have to pay for all travel. I can't do such thing. I highly doubt my parent's would be so nice to help me achieve a lifelong dream.

Uh... Hulu failed to charge my card so I just found a replay of the opening ceremony on Peacock. Yeah it's 3 something in the morning lol. I dreamt I missed it a couple weeks ago. I haven't missed one since 1992. Both Summer and Winter that year.

Well I'm awake. I wanted to watch the opening ceremony at the correct time. However, it isn't on Hulu live or Peacock, and it isn't being live streamed with commentary on Youtube. Guess I'll have to wait blah.

Thus begins my Twitter blackout. I always take one during the Olympics. I can't guarantee that hashtag filters will actually work. Right now, I'm using a client that doesn't actually have those, so they aren't an option.

The Olympics officially start tomorrow, but there's always competition going on before the opening ceremony starts. Thanks to Hulu live, I'll be able to watch everything like I did in 2018.

They're playing a movie during the case I'm following, and I now feel like I'm on an induced trip. I've never seen a movie being played in a courtroom before. Sure in a theater, but that was pre-Covid.

I just ordered Subway from Dorrdash. When the driver got up the stairs to my apartment, he stood there for like 10 seconds. I had to tell him, "hand it to me please." He really didn't know what to do lol.

Sorry for the crappy formatting on that post. i really suck at markdown, but I hate rich text editors. I wish Known had a plaintext editor.

I'm sure has gone down before, but I don't think I've ever seen it. I went to go there, and it was down, blah!!

Also, I seem to have lost my ability to make a post with a title. Something weird has happened.

I'm looking for epic linkblogs. Yeah I know about the obvious ones. Epic= ones that don't just post the latest news, they actually post stuff that's off the mainstream internet, stuff you don't see each day.

Just downloaded Windows 10 21h1. It took about a minute at the most. Lol the joys of fiber!

Well I just ordered cookies from Doordash, I hope they'll be epic. We have one of these here in our area, now.

I guess my Pastor wanted to take today off. We didn't have church today, which is strange. OK interesting question that someone brought up on Twitter. Is it weird that you can't tweet from an RSS reader? I mean, someone said they don't use RSS for this reason.

Just completed a podcast with a friend. It's going to be out the first of next month. I'll post the link when I get it. Man I was nervous. I've never been a guest on a podcast before.

OK question, does Known support enclosures for podcasts? I might just set mine up on a Known instance, instead of paying extra for Pinecast. They do have a free plan, but it's extremely limiting.

I slept all flippin day yesterday. Wow I've never done that before.

Watching Olympic trials most of today. I also signed up for Peacock, and I can't decide to keep both that and Hulu live, or just Peacock.

I'm trying to find a little clip in the OJ case. It was about DNA. Lawyer asks witness, "Does DNA fly?" Witness says "no, it doesn't have wings." I laughed so hard when I hadn't even turned 12 yet. The lawyer also asked the witness if DNA comes alive at night. I believe it was around the end of May of 95.

I'm following a case in which the 79 year old defendant has a catheter bag. The producer tweeted that it was full earlier. Um... if I were sitting in a courtroom with a catheter bag, I wouldn't want her telling the world that it was full.

I think I'm done with . I skipped too many. I'm going to think about doing a podcast every couple weeks. I just have to decide whether I pay $10 a month for Pinecast, or try and upload it here, even though I don't think Known supports enclosures.

All of a sudden, my Twitter client decided to deauthorize both of my accounts when I started it up. I reauthorized one of them, but it wouldn't let me add the other one, which is what I'm using for . I restarted, and added the other account, but for some reason, it won't let me add back the second one. I tried to download a second client, but got a Python error that prevented it from running.

Lol I just punked someone big time!! Someone called and asked if this was me, by my legal name. I said um... sure!!! They hung up lol.

It's supposed to be like 97 here. I just ordered 3 slurpees, a bunch of jerky from Safeway, and taquitos from Seven-Eleven.

I've been up for about an hour now. I have a church picnic later today. We'll have our service first, then the picnic.

The meeting last night was epic!! I was really tired when I got home. I did have to transfer some recordings from my phone for , and that took a while. Unfortunately the share to Dropbox thing on the iPhone didn't want to work for some reason.

I have a community group meeting tonight. We're meeting once a month because of Summer. I'm not sure what other groups at my church are doing. I suppose I'll ask when I get there. I'm going to try to record something for .

OK question, can you use hashtags in a known blog post, like you can in a status update?

Well I'm up early. It's almost 5 AM here. Unfortunately I did wake up with a headache, but the narrotriptan I took seems to have taken most of it away.

I had Botox this morning. I even recorded it for the challenge I'm participating in.

OK question, how do I syndicate to WP? I found the plugin and enabled it, but where are the settings for it?

Well let's take this thing for a test, shall we? I've always wanted to use Known, and here I am. Thanks to for setting this up for me!!