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Setting up Miniflux from scratch.

1 min read

The person who manages my Miniflux instance gave it a major upgrade yesterday. Yeah I was way behind on updates, go me!! Anyway, when he did this, he also upgraded the database version. This means I had to set up an empty instance. OK, cool sure. Except when I set it up, part of the OPML I imported didn't work. Now I have to decide what I want to do with the thing. I honestly don't want to add the rest of the feeds by hand, probably over 200. That's after I've paired down feeds that I couldn't keep because they belong to a service that I'm pausing my subscription for. When I reinstate the subscription, I intend to get rid of some, and combine others. I guess I'm close to giving up on RSS, but don't want to use email newsletters either, because I've dealt with haveing over 50000 emails before too, and that definitely isn't fun!!