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My upcoming rebaptism.

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I'm getting baptized again on Easter Sunday. When I got baptized in 2007, I did this under my legal name. In case you all don't know, Hope isn't my legal name, although I do want it to be. Our church does water baptisms on Easter Sunday every year, so I signed up again. This time, I signed up using the name Hope. I've talked to a church elder twice, and he said everything was OK, so obviously I'm officially being baptized again Easter Sunday. Now just for your information, I go to a Foursquare church. Meaning, it's pentecostal. If I wanted to sign up and be baptized under the name Jane Doe, I could probably do it. No one would say anything. Well they might wonder what on earth was going on with me, but they definitely wouldn't ask. This is no sprinkling, I'm climbing down into a tank, and going fully under water. When I talked to the elder a couple nights ago, he recommended I wear shorts and a T-shirt, yeah just for the baptism, not for the actual service. Although I'm going to wear regular street clothes for the service. I don't have formal wear that fits me.