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More on the server weirdness.

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I'm in the middle of the big, hot, thick messy civil case going on now in Virginia, the one that's in it's last week, and about to end. Anyway, Not last weekend, but the weekend before last, I discovered that my Miniflux instance was down. Well I thought maybe there was just a glitch with the internet or something, and it would be back up. I looked at it last week, (I did not have a good week last week headache wise,) and it was still down. I went to post a link here this morning, and I got a 521 error. I knos this is associated with CloudFlare, the DNS we're using. I've seen this error before in my web adventures. Needless to say I filed a support ticket. Well I um... email the person behind my host to ask if his server was down, turns out it was. He said that this blogs Apache error log filled up the server's allocated space. Well he actually said the server drive, I certainly hope not, I'm sure I just ran my storage quota. Why is this blog putting out so many Apache errors that it's filling up the drive, or running storage quotas? What's wrong with Known? I'm sure an update needs to be done. Since I have to be the one to find all the updates for him, it's back to Microblog or I will probably go.