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Last week, yesterday, and hopefully today.

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My Aunt and Uncle from Maine moved into town last weekend. I called mom on Wednesday, to tell her something, and she told me that she had taken the day off to take them to the river, with my 2 nieces. I didn't realize my sister had also taken the day off. My mother would not allow me to go on this trip!! She said it was going to be too hot for me, and that I would've gotten mad, and wanted to leave in the middle of the day. this would cause someone to have to leave, losing their spot on the river. I do have to say that I'm heat sensitive, I dehydrate very easily!! However, when I go out for long periods, I usually bring my biggest 1.5 liter water bottle so that doesn't happen. If I don't have that, I bring 2 or 3 16 ounce bottles. I also try to sit in or nearest the water, if we're swimming, so if I need to be in there, it's just a few steps away. All this to say, that I usually don't say anything about being warm, because it does also cause my chronic headaches to flare up, unless my throat is about to close and I'm about to stop breathing suddenly. Yesterday, I did get to have lunch with my Aunt and Uncle. My Aunt did say that her and my sister were slightly disappointed that I wasn't there. They weren't going to fight with mom or anything, just like I never argue with her, but my sister did say that it wasn't too hot for me, and my Uncle said she brought a canape.. Mom did say that they were going to the river today, so hopefully I'll finally get to go swimming!! My caregiver said that they'll have to have my friend and former caregiver and her baby over and let me come over, and I told her that would be something epic!! I just hope mom doesn't change her mind after working today. They might decide to do it tomorrow, and that's fine. However, I'm going to fill the what the community who followed the Depp V. Heard trial calls the Megapint soon.