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It's still 2022, I think.

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Maybe not, because there were two cases tried this year so far, that had extreme media restrictions!! Oh, and that I know of, transcripts haven't been released. this one is the one I've seen most recently. []

Now you would think, with a guilty verdict, there would be transcripts somewhere, I mean even the Simpson case transcripts are fully public, and he was found not guilty.
The other one that I've recently found where the  judge did restrictions, although did allow audio recording for later use, was a Georgia case.


Another one upcoming in which the judge has banned cameras is the very high profile Vallow Daybell case out of Idaho. this makes absolutely no sense, because all the pretrial proceedings were televised/streamed. I've watched this case from the beginning. I wasn't happy when they decided to pull the cameras. Audio recordings are fine for me, but when exactly do they get released? After the case is over? On a weekly basis? It would be nice if they would release them at the end of each day, or each session.


Maybe it isn't 2022, maybe we've gone back to the early 90s for some reason. OK i'd like to redo the Simpson case all over again while we're back there anyway.