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I finally got my trip to the river.

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Yesterday my Aunt texted me to ask if I wanted to go to the river. I said sure, why not? They picked up my 10 year old niece on the way. My uncle picked me up, and my aunt got her. We met them there, and ended up staying all day. Mom and dad came later. Well, dad came first. We walked up and floated down the rapids twice, until we were all tired and couldn't do it anymore, lol. The shoes I was wearing got ruined, add that to the list of things I need to replace, hah!!! My aunt lost her water shoes, and had to walk back in fins.
I got to sit in the water all day. The only thing that got burnt was my face. It isn't extremely burnt, but just feels warm. today, we're going to a park near the river, to celebrate my other niece turning 2. She turned 2 on the 25th. I'm pretty sure we aren't getting in the water there though.