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I almost had a new iPhone SE 3.

2 min read

There's a reason I don't. Well the reason is that Spectrum didn't have one in store, so they had to order it for me. OK fine, so they had to order it, sure. First they tell me that they can only ship it directly to me, not to the store. OK fine, ship it directly to me, and I'll take care of restoring from an iTunes backup. Then they tell me that it won't be coming to my address. The account is in my parent's name, not mine. Um OK sure, ship it to my parent's house, and we'll bring it back here so you can do the activation and transfer, then. Just as they were getting ready to place the order, they give my dad the address they were going to send the phone to, it's the wrong address. Like completely wrong, I don't mean the zipcode is wrong, it's completely wrong, like you looked it up on the internet and it was just the wrong address. They tell my dad that that's the address that's on file for their account, and he says that's the wrong address, doods!! Well he didn't say it like that, he's 74, come on. He tells them that 3 years ago when they were building, they flipped the house around so they get mail on a different street now, and they say that they can't change the address unless they get approval from the construction coordinator. Really? they have such a thing? After telling my dad that if FedEx decides to ship my phone to the address where nothing actually is, and no one actually lives, then they're going to have to intercept it by calling them and telling them to hold it for pickup, I told the Spectrum dood to order my phone. He did, and I guess we'll see if FedEx actually knows the difference between where my parents live and where Spectrum thinks they do.