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Dateline session notes from this morning, about last night's dateline.

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Amber Heard was on Dateline last night. I tried to do the cool thing and watch it on a Youtube stream, but the commentary, as epic as it all was, was too distracting. I paid for Peacock premium, which I had earlier this year, so I could spend 2 hours and 3 minutes taking session notes, earlier this morning. I started at 10:18 AM pacific, and ended at 12:21 PM. These are in list form, but will not be further formatted by me. They might look like crap because I did not insert markdown at the time. OK, here they come.

  1. Peacock reduces down to 40 minutes.
  2. She says she isn't vindictive, huh? This is pointless, then.
  3. Savannah says, she's had everything said about her, snip... Orwellian-like way for her to avoid saying the obvious. Just before the cut, Amber says her goal is for everyone to see her as human, which is repetitive.
  4. Noting my time is 02:27, and it's been like about 10 minutes at this point lol. how long is this going to take me?
  5. At one point Peacock asked me if I wanted to start over from the beginning, apparently I was stopping too much.
  6. The edits on this one are smoother, it doesn't jump around from question to answer as much. You can tell when it drops into a clip of Savannah talking, but other than that, it's fairly smooth, unfortunately. 7 When Savannah asks her if she's nervous about what she can say, she says "are you nervous, as we are here?" I feel like no one caught that as of yet.
  7. First segment ended 8:32.
  8. When Amber said "every single day I pass city blocks lined with people holding signs saying things I can't repeat on television," pretty sure she hasn't said that one before. I could be wrong. Sure yeah we've heard the "burn the which," thing, but this was different.
  9. I also could be wrong about the next thing, I'm pretty sure that the judge decided to televise the trial on her own motion, I didn't watch any of the pretrial stuff. Someone can correct me.
  10. Really loved all the video depos, nah not really!! The audio quality was really bad for most of them!!
  11. The editing of this, I'm where she says she isn't here to call any witnesses any names, we'll get to that later hah hah hah!! Time 0:12:32
  12. My wish came true, they finally played a tiny fraction of the audio exhibits!!
  13. Excerpts from the one I just finished early this morning, because I was falling asleep listening to it last night.
  14. I feel like this little piece is worth mentioning. Savannah says "none of his other prior relationships, not one woman has ever come forward and said he's physically hit them, you're the only one." Amber says, "look what happened to me when I came forward, would you?" Answers a question with a question. End segment. Time: 0:14:28
  15. Of course we have to mention the UK case, but let's keep in mind that Heard wasn't the defendant in that one. The British tabloid, the Sun, won, not her.
  16. They actually shoed her saying, "I do," taking the oath. I'm always interested in how it gets administered, but how you testify under it is more important!!
  17. Savannah says it was 5 days she spent on the stand, because there was a break in the middle, direct seemed longer.
    1. Of course they had to play the cabinet video again, ya know the one she leaked, and says she didn't. Why is it always that one?
  18. This is where megapint comes up for the first time. Time: 0:19:59
  19. They left her describing that incident with the bottle in WTF? Dateline isn't family friendly, I mean it never has been, but why that? 0:21:03, end segment.
  20. This little piece here, Savannah: "Depp's team argued that Heard had a history of being untruthful, case in point," cut to that Dutch TV appearance where she says she donated $7000000. 0:22:06.
  21. Savannah asks if she thinks the pledge/donation thing raises questions of her credibility with the jury, and Amber answers, with a really bad Analogy! "When you say to someone you bought a house, are you lying, because you haven't paid for it in full at that point?" Well when you buy a house you get a loan at the bank, and it takes 20-30 years to pay it off, you still are forced to do it though, it isn't a pledge.
  22. Savannah mentions she's splitting hairs, it's true, although these things are not the same thing!!
  23. This whole thing about the trial being a credibility contest. This is what a trial is, it's meant to determine which side is telling the truth.
  24. Savannah did point out that the sexual assault allegations only came up after the divorce. Showing clips of Camille asking about it on cross, pointing out that there aren't any actual medical records, like as in from a hospital, regarding that incident. 0:25:50
  25. Savannah asks, "there's no experience like being cross examined, what was it like for you? strange question. Amber's even weirder answer was, "probably the scariest and most intimidating thing for anybody, talking about sexual violence, is not being believed, being called a lier, or being humiliated.
  26. Starting the segment on so-called "additional evidence," by noting that it was ruled hearsay and inadmissible.
  27. Savannah asks if there's one piece of evidence Amber wishes the jury would have seen, something happens in the background at that moment. Maybe it was her clapping, or something. Also happened a second time a few seconds later.
  28. She mentions the binder with her therapist's notes, dating back to 2011, from the beginning of the relationship.
  29. Savannah says that Amber's lawyers have showed her text messages that were excluded from the trial. Yeah, we didn't see any of her's, only his. Trust me, I would've liked to have had those read, too.
  30. Reading a text message she sent to a therapist, which would be hearsay especially if the therapist wasn't called to the stand.
  31. Text she sent to her dad about the plane incident, why didn't her dad take the stand, so that could've been admitted?
  32. Noting the time just for good measure, because it's already been an hour and 15 minutes. End segment, 0:28:56.
  33. Here she goes repeating that she just wants people to see her as human again, this one, at 0:29:51, it was the jury.
  34. the NYT lady, was this really necessary??
  35. People reenacting the testimony, sure there were, but I was too busy trying to keep up with it all.
  36. When Goldberg says I don't think I've ever seen anything like this in a domestic violence trial," this wasn't a domestic violence trial. This was a defamation trial, in which someone was accused of domestic violence. Oh wait, am I splitting too many loose ends?
  37. talking about the poop incident, Savannah said she denied it, wait... didn't she say it was a joke gone horribly wrong?
  38. When Depp said "that's hearsay, I guess," was actually learning how to respond in court, in real time. It happens, I've learned like that as well, from following lots of trials over the past few years.
  39. 0:32:58 we mention megapint for the second, and last time.
  40. Savannah mentions the fact that the jury wasn't sequestered.
  41. Amber says she thinks the vast majority of the trial was played out on social media. Wait, I was watching the opening statements, all the testimony, the closing arguments, waiting for the jury to finish deliberating along with everyone else, and heard the verdict, all inside the courtroom. Except for the waiting part, and I wasn't there of course,.
  42. When Savannah says "the Depp lawyer called your testimony the performance of a lifetime," does not mean it was a good performance.
  43. The scissor fingers thing is just too hilarious to say much about!! Not true either!!
  44. End segment at 0:34:38
  45. Loved that little clip from the verdict they threw in there!!
  46. At 0:36:37, in this particular version, after she said earlier in the interview she wasn't going to call the witnesses any names, she just called quite a few of them, "randos."
  47. Savannah asks "you don't blame the jury?" she says she doesn't, but earlier, she just said that they all probably saw social media, keeping in mind that an article was just recently written, and report was just issued stating quite the contrary.
  48. She says you hear my voice on the audio tapes, and it isn't the voice I have now. Well except when she's yelling, it's exactly the same.
  49. She does admit she did and said horrible regrettable things throughout the relationship. "I behaved in horrible, almost unrecognizable to myself ways, I have so much regret."
  50. Talking about that statement she released on the first day of trial. She says " I love him," "I loved him with all my heart."
  51. Savannah mentions that she says she intends to appeal. 54 End 0:40:58, 2 hours 3 minutes.