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Church picnic.

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We had our church picnic on Sunday. Yeah, I'm just getting to the post now, lol. No one wanted to play cornhole with me this year, they all figured out I sucked, apparently. Everyone brought epic food, and I didn't even get to eat half of it! I think I'm donating some 10.5 inch dixi paper plates to the church next year, the 200 you can get at Costco. I ended up bringing along my 1.5 liter water bottle, but I didn't freeze it long enough, so it didn't last long. It's OK, it got poured over my head, by me. I ended up trying to play this game that the childrens group was playing. I wanted them to shoot me with water guns. They had this parachute game with water baloons. The parachute was an activity style one, so bigger than those you'd use for skydiving. The children's director was counting to 3, and you threw the parachute over your head. Then she counted again, and we were all supposed to get on the ground really fast!! I was carried down once, but I could only do that 5 times. After that, I got into one of the little pools, that the kids had been using for bases for a baseball game. They were done with the game, but they were still there. A kid got in with me. He's semi-verbal. He wanted me to help fill his water gun. I was trying to explain that the pump that you use to try and get it to take in water was fully extended, and that it wasn't pumping anymore. I said, "it's fully extended," like 4 times. Even the lady with me didn't get it, lol!! We didn't end up leaving until around 4. We had to pick up a car. the guy who normally picks me up rode with someon else to the park to help set up, and I rode with his wife.