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Starting next Friday, I'll be participating in Blogtober. I don't think the challenge has an official website. However, someone has posted an introduction to it: right here. I used to participate in the Write 31 days challenge in October, however it's no longer being held. .. You had to come up with a theme that you were going to post about, and write 31 posts in that series. I'm going to be doing the same thing here. During one of my Write 31 days challenges, I posted 31 questions I get commonly asked as a blind person. This was a few years ago, around 2015, or 2016. I decided to start all over with my blog a year or so after that, and deleted all my content going back to 2009. Keeping it wasn't helping, since exporting it and importing it each time I switched hosts caused the dates to fluctuate quite a bit, and strange things to happen to the posts. Not only that but internal links didn't work anymore. Thus, I lost that original series of posts. Therefore I'm going to recreate it as best I can next month. Not being able to use categories with Known will make things harder for archival purposes. I'm not sure if this particular posting feature will make a hashtag into a tag either, otherwise I'd be able to use those.