• Wow, my router was giving me extreme fits a little bit ago. I couldn’t connect to the internet, it was saying it couldn’t obtain an IP address.It was working fine earlier today, and now not so much. I ended up bypassing it, and now I’m connected directly. It worked for a week, that’s it.

  • About my Miniflux instance.

    I’m having a service called cloudblast manage it for me. No, I have no affiliation with the service, other than the fact that I’m beta testing it. It’s a service that will install self hosted apps on their servers for you. They’re in charge of the maintanence of the apps, and you get to use them. Kind of like having a VPS, but not really. It’s gone extremely well these past 3 weeks or so. Although in the beginning, the instance did crash. I’ve wanted to set up an instance ever since the hosted version started archiving my unread items after 60 days last year. When I start paying for the service, I’ll probably ask for .more than what’s allocated already, when it comes to resources. Simply so that we can avoid any crashes in the future. Oh yeah, here’s a link to this most epic service. [[https://cloudblast.network]]

  • This is pretty epic, and I’d like to try it. larrysanger.org/2021/01/a…

  • Day 3 of CCC.

    Well today is day 3 of CCC, or #RC3 as they’re calling it. Lots of technical issues. Streams that don’t work most of the time. Which is unfortunate, because there are some epic lectures. Blah you guys, yesterday I lost CET time synchronization, and missed an entire day of talks. This happened from not sleeping the 2 nights before. Now, I just need to catch up, which is going to be kind of interesting. I’ve caught up on concurrent events this way, but never like 12-13 of them. All the releases will end up here eventually: streaming.media.ccc.de/rc3

  • If anyone wins anything Tuesday, I want it to be the LP candidate. LP = libertarian party.

  • I got to go to church for the first time in a long time today. It went well overall. Unfortunately the face shield I was wearing didn’t have padding on the front of the band part, and it dug into my skin. This caused me to have a headache. I think I need to order some better ones online. These came from a friend from church who works at a local charity. They were given to her by the health department.

  • My caregiver made epic potato soup today. She just left here. I actually gave her a recipe for this, because I used to use a recipe from a site that no longer exists. I found one really similar to that one, so we used that and it turned out wonderfully!!!

  • Well, maybe I should get back to posting here. I had a headache over the weekend. I stopped using the paid version of miniflux because they started archiving unread items. I would like to host my own, but have no experience managing a VPS, or anything like that. Shared hosting only offers Miniflux 1.4. Oh yeah, since I had headaches for 3 days last week, I’m now way behind on email.

  • .The hosted version of Miniflux that I was using got fixed, but they’re now archiving unread items after 60 days. One of the things on the list of my criteria for an RSS reader is to never limit feeds or feed items, and that includes archiving. .

  • We never had to leave or evacuate because of the fires thankfully! I’ve been busy with the extradition hearing that will probably go on for another 2-3 more weeks at least.

  • Well blah Miniflux is down right now. OK it isn’t like my host is down. I use the paid version of Miniflux. At least I keep a backup RSS reader around just for days like these. Oh in other news, I now have a water filter pitcher. I tried some last night and it was epic!! I’ll be having lots more of that.

  • Today the extradition hearing got postponed because one of the prosecutor’s husbands is having Covid symptoms. Unfortunately I was already wide awake before that, ready for the hearing. I have my housing inspection today. That shouldn’t take more than a few minutes. Unfortunately they don’t give you a time they’re going to come they just say between 9 and 1, which is annoying, because I’m also expecting my caregiver.

  • I’m requesting everyone’s prayers. Our state is burning from wildfires. My county is on be ready to evacuate status. I have no idea where I’d end up. Not only that but this is right in the middle of a case and a cause I’ve followed and supported for 10 years. I want to see this thing through, no matter what happens with the ruling.

  • I’m looking for Miniflux hosting that I can afford. All the hosts that I’ve looked at want me to get a VPS, and/or use Miniflux 1.2.4 which is definitely not the latest version. I’ve nevver used Github to install something before. Although I’m good at downloading from somewhere and uploading to a server kind of thing. I’ve also never deployed a package either. With that in mind, does anyone have any recommendations? I’m currently using the Miniflux paid instance, but it doesn’t allow me to set my own refresh rate, and only updates feeds every hour. .

  • I’ve had a couple strange email contacts recently. Apparently, these people just expected me to know who they were, or what i wanted with them, without saying anything. One person’s address was under a different name than she normally goes by on the group we’re in together, at least I think that was her. The other was a group moderator wanting to approve my request for a group I joined. They didn’t have a name assigned to their account, and they didn’t tell me what the group was.

  • I have a lot of friends and family that really don’t understand RSS. Hopefully this will explain it to them. Then again, they don’t really understand timezones either. aboutfeeds.com/.

  • What is it with Steemit-like so-called “blog platforms” not providing RSS feeds? It isn’t a blog, or a blog platform, unless it provides a feed for everyone who uses the service. I just saw another new one come up in my Twitter timeline someone was raving about it.

  • I have to go have labs done tomorrow morning. My doctor’s office called me today to tell me they won’t be authorizing the refill of one of my prescriptions until after that gets done. Fortunately for me, I’m not completely out of that particular medication yet. I’m having my cholesterol checked tomorrow morning so I get to fast. Last time it was 9 points above normal, but that was back in 2016. I have a feeling it’s going to be higher than that now.

  • My new caregiver was finally able to start yesterday!! I hadn’t had anyone for a couple weeks so a lot needed to be done. She was here for like 3 hours. She took my laundry to her house. I have to go have labs done on Tuesday, so she’s coming in the morning to take me for those.

  • Thankfully I don’t have much of a sleep schedule to speak of. This morning was the final administrative hearing for Julian Assange until his full extradition hearing begins on 9/7. Apparently there’s another superseding indictment. This would make superseding indictment round 4, I think. It’s getting ridiculous at this point, and hard to keep track of. Honestly there’s really no need for a fourth indictment, they’re just using them to make argument at this point.

  • I was having problems with Miniflux this morning. For some reason it was giving me lots of errors when I tried to connect, like problem loading page error, or network errors with Brave. No, nothing’s wrong with my internet. I’m still waiting for my new caregiver to start. She says she might be able to today, but she’s not sure. She says she might at least be able to go get my buttload of prescriptions that are waiting.

  • Wow Pinboard is having major issues with the RSS feeds again. Removing them from Miniflux probably for good this time. Not sure why this keeps happening.

  • I’m getting a new caregiver soon! A friend’s mom said she’d be willing to work for me. My caseworker finally called a couple days ago and put her on what’s called my service plan. Unfortunately she wants to wait for the voucher to come, lol who knows how long that’s going to take? We really don’t know yet.

  • My second niece Miah was born this morning at 5:06 pacific time. My sister checked into the hospital at 4:30 this morning in labor. Apparently the haircut I gave myself yesterday worked lol.

  • I talked to my sister via text while I was giving myself a haircut this morning. She’s dialated to 4 centimeters, and the doctor says she could go into labor any day now. I was cutting my hair so that hopefully she’d go into labor. Not that cutting hair will bring on labor, but I was going to wait to do it after the baby was born. I decided that now might be the better time.

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